Friday, October 14, 2011


Just wanted to thank all those who helped so much to pack everything up so we could get the ceilings done and floor. With my shoulder there is no way we could have done it without you. A special thanks to Jenni and Jared, Gaylene, Tracy, Holly, Shannon, and Mark and also dad. Also to Jenni and Jared for their extra help and for their help in removing the furniture from the kitchen so they could do the floor and then putting it back after the painting was done. Don't know what we would have done without you all. I still have a lot to put back and still some more dusting and cleaning to do. I am trying to go thru things and do some purging while I am putting back. I have been getting tired easier because of the radiation and my shoulder doesn't help but I'm getting there.

I am back to water aerobics and it really feels good. Of course that will end when I have my surgery. But while I can I'll do it. It is amazing how fast the body goes to flab and how slow it returns.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Construction is over

We began construction first by having the popcorn ceiling removed. That was done Aug. 24 to the 27th. I remember because it was the 19th I fell and tore my rotator cuff. I went out of town to the cabin to stamp with my friends. Dad opted to go to the temple and stay in the temple apartment and work at the temple everyday. The abatement company came on Sept 1 to remove 3 layers of vinyl including one with asbestos. That was so nice to get it all out. You can see by the 2nd picture what was left of the floor. Richard came 4 and began work on the 5th. He tore out the brick back splash and began his magic.
The back splash is gone.
The floor is gone. Since I don't have things in the right order we'll just tell you about it but it wasn't done in this order but that doesn't matter.
How about this tile in the entrance hall. It is so beautiful. Richard did a great job. This is what he was so excited to do. Beautiful tile.
Lights, oh wonderful lights. I love the new lights
How about this new back splash. What a difference
New lights in the kitchen
We got all new doors and new wainscoting. Doesn't it look great. Love it.
Well I had a picture of the new tile floor but it doesn't look like it made it. It looks great. Rich didn't have time to paint so we had the same people who did the ceiling come back and paint for us. Since we were going to Utah for our Nauvoo Temple reunion and go to conference they came after we got back. I wanted it done before but there was no way. Anyway it is all done now. I love it. We also got our bathroom painted. It is also blue. The hall is antique white which gives a nice contrast to the white white of the doors and all the trim. We also got crown molding in the living room which we really like. Richard did a great job on everything. Thank you so much Rich and thanks to Mindy and the kids for letting him come for 3 weeks. I think I worked him too hard.

My fall -- turns out I have a lot of damage. I am scheduled for surgery Nov. 2. Please remember me in your prayers. The doctor wasn't sure just how much he'd be able to fix me up.