Thursday, November 20, 2008

We are now into our 2nd week of the winter season and it is quite different because so many have gone home but we are now working with some missionaries we never worked with before and a lot of district workers so it is fun.  It has turned of cold here and we are sure glad we got our winter clothes.  We have now completed our move into our new apt and it is bigger and it has its pros and cons but mostly pros.  Yesterday we got our internet and phone hooked up so we are ready to roll.  Look out world!  Tomorrow we leave for Utah for Myrna's funeral so that is a sad note but the gospel gives much comfort and hope.  Well I have to pack and get ready for our shift at the temple.  Love you all.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We had a wonderful day celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary at the Salt Lake Temple where it all began.  We were joined by Terrell, Julie, Sharon, Matt, and Ella.  We all went into the room where we were married and enjoyed the special spirit and joy of the occasion.  After the temple we had dinner at Sharon's which turned out to be formal with George and Max in their suits and the rest dressed very nicely.  Then under a tricky ruse Matt, Ella, Jane, Sam, and Cara left to take care of a alleged problem that Jane had and we went to Julie's for dessert and when we got there we were greeted by many of our old Sunnyvale friends who have migrated to Utah.  It turned out to be a very special day.  
Hooray!  I am now a blogger.