Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fireflies flying

We are enjoying the fire flies. What fun it is to walk along the streets in the evening and after dark and see these little lightening bugs. We see little lights all over. What fun. If you get really close and we do the light it green and you can see their little bodies light. We enjoy them for about two months and then they are gone. Would love to have a picture but don't know how that could happen.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Julie and Terrell with temple in the background
Swiss Belle's from Midway Utah
Gaylene and Mom at Frederick G Williams Memorial
Tracy and John, Jesse, Holly Shannon and Mark

This has been a very full week. Pageant started this week and we are really busy in the temple as they are at the sights. We have more people in Nauvoo this year. I suspect that could be because gas is not so expensive $4.00 last year as compared to $2.35 this year. We love it. And the people who come love it. Pres. Hinckley said everyone should experience Nauvoo sometime in there life and I fully agree with thim.

We have enjoyed family this year. Tracy and John and family came June 17 for a few days. While the older kids did Baptisms for the dead Mark and I went around to some of the sights. We had a great time together. He told me he wanted to live here. He really liked it. We had a good time while they were here. The BYU Ballroom dancers were here and they were great. We also went to Sunset by the Mississippi which is always fun. Also went to High Hopes and Riverboats, a musical put on by the Young Performing Missionaries. They also went to Rendezvous In Old Nauvoo and they did the Wilderness Trek.

The following week Gaylene came to see us. We really enjoyed her. She came so we could have our P-day together. We went to Hannibal (found a great quilt store there) then to Quincy to see Frederick G Williams memorial marker and had dinner. We also saw Sunset (never tire of seeing Sunset). The Swiss Bell's from Midway, Utah were in town when Gaylene was here so we got to see them too.We enjoyed having Gaylene in the temple with us. Then the following week Julie and Terrell came. We met them in the temple on Saturday and then went to Sunset. That actually is a fun thing to do on the 4th of July. It is very patriotic. We could have gone to see fireworks but Julie chose Sunset. Sunday night we went to the Sociable and watched the pageant core cast present "Our Story Goes On". They left Monday morning, much too short. Thank you all for coming. I think all will agree it is really beautiful here.

We have had a great week. Monday a couple here that owns the Adventure Zone and also some vacation Villas invited the Temple Missionaries for a barbeque and to see "Emma, My Story". They are great people, furnished the meal for all the missionaries, about 140 of us all together. Pageant opened Tuesday night. It was pouring rain. They delayed it for awhile then decided to go ahead. I couldn't believe they went ahead and did it. This is done outside. They wouldn't let them go up in the light tours so they didn't have spotlights but people stayed and got soaking wet but the show went on. We went to it Friday night. It was so good. It is so inspirational. I am so grateful for those early saints and the great sacrifices they made. What an inspiration they are to me. Like I said the temple has been very busy which has been great. Our greatest joy on this mission is serving in the Temple.