Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here is our ship. It is a beautiful ship and we had a wonderful cruise. It even had grass, real grass, they had to water and cut. They had a putting green, Terrell won the putting contest, croquet, and bocce ball. We were so busy with all the activities on board we didn't even get to use it except for Terrell. We watched a glass blowing demo by three glass blowers. They really created some beautiful things. We also went to classes for the Mac - i-movie and i-dvd to name a couple, plus we couldn't miss name that tune. Terrell won the Beattles name that tune. He knew everyone and broke the tie breaker. Of course we were on his team so we all got a lanyard.
These pictures didn't come out in the order I put them on but since I've been having a hard time with this blog I'm leaving them and will work my journaling around them. This is our first stop, Brugges in Belgium. We had a good time here. It is a fun place. We saw a lot of the town on the Segways. That was a new experience for dad and I. We didn't know how we would do but when we got the hang of it we did pretty good. They are guided by the way you move your body and you don't get off from them or they keep going and will crash. We witnessed a couple of crashes and it wasn't pretty. Our guides would help us get off and on. They took us around telling us about the different places. We were on them for 2 hours. I got to one point I didn't think I would make it any longer my legs were hurting so bad. We finally got a rest and I found out others were having the same problem. After our rest I was good the rest of the time.
Here is the town square. This is in the old part of Brugges. When these houses were built the number of steps on the roof showed how rich you were.

Here's some people you should know. This is where we shopped for Belgium chocolate and Belgium lace. They still make lace by hand and even have schools to continue to teach the skill.
Here is our pool and spas. the holes in front would squirt water out and the kids had a lot of fun with that. We had a lot of kids on board. The teen room was full of teenagers. We only made it to the pool and spa one night when we decided to for go the entertainment for the evening. We didn't however go in this pool. There was another one on a lower deck that was for 16 and up. We opted to go there. There was only one person in there when we went and was really relaxing.
Now I would try to get more pictures on but the last time I did that it lost everything so I am just going to post and I'll add more on my next post.