Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well this has been about the most exciting week in Nauvoo. Conference was wonderful and we loved watching it and hearing the talks. But what was soooo exciting is, well you'll just never guess. Friday, President Monson came to Nauvoo. Would you believe it. He came to the temple and spoke to all the temple missionaries. It was just such a neat experience. He said he decided he wanted to go so left his counselors in charge. He said, "I can do that". Dad was at the recommend desk and was not able to attend. However Pres. Monson stopped by the recommend desk and shook his hand and encaged him in conversation. How cool is that. We met in the Assembly Room. Dad said he didn't ask to see his recommend. He came with his Daughter, Sister Dibb and Granddaughter. He just spoke to us very informally but did tell us to take each day and enjoy it and make use of it or you will wind up with a lot of empty yesterday's. He did tell us our children will be blessed because we are serving a mission.