Friday, July 30, 2010

Baltic Cruise - Part one - Horrors of flying

Okay I am taking a page from Jenni's book and am going to do this in parts. One reason is because I don't have time to do it all at once, another is you don't have time to read it all at once. So here goes. I guess we'll start at the beginning because it can only go uphill from here.

I had checked the internet to see about baggage prices. It said we could check two bags with US Air. That's great I thought. When we got to the airport they said the second bag was $40. We had to do some adjusting. We checked two then took the others with us. I soon realized I couldn't carry on some of the stuff I had in this bag so I went back. Our bags were already gone. We had to wait quite a while but we had plenty of time. They went to get our bags and I was able to make the necessary adjustment. Of course that meant I had to fit my purse into one of my carry on's. I put stuff from my small carry on (My camera, My meds and a few other items to make room in my small bag for my purse and we proceeded to the gate. When we went to board the plan they said the overhead bins were full and they had to check our big carry-ons. Of course I'm at the gate they take my bags and assure me they will be on our plane to London. There was plenty of room in the over head bins and our two checked carry-on bags didn't make it to London. That meant my camera, my med's, my make-up, plus my shoes, my PJ's (I can't sleep without PJ's or a night gown) and underwear didn't make it. Dad had his suit with him but most of his other clothes were in his checked carry-on bag. We filed a report at the baggage loss claim area and felt little confidence wed be getting our bags anytime soon, and our ship was sailing the next day. I asked them to trace it. They said they couldn't. I asked about a financial adjustment and they said I would have to call this number on the paper they gave me. Well we met Julie and Terrell, did our thing in Winchester and went to our hotel where we proceeded to see what we could do. We called the number and they said we would have to call after 12 noon on Monday. Big help that was. Terrell called our trip insurance and they got right on it. The next morning they called and said it should be on the plan to London on Sat. and someone would be there to bring it to the ship. We didn't trust the baggage place. By the way Matt that would be at the United Lost baggage counter. They were handling the lost baggage for US Air. Our insurance Co. said we were allowed $200 each per day. Well since dad needed so much we went shopping. He spent his nearly $200 and got 2 pair of pants and 3 shirts and a belt. I bought some socks, nylons, a night gown, make-up and a pair of shoes that don't really fit but will do in a pinch. They were Clark's so you know they weren't cheap. Anyway when I called the Insurance Co. when we got home to start our claim they said we had $100 each. We also racked up $219 in long distance phone calls.
Now just to get the horror's of flying out of the, on our trip home they took 1 1/2 hours to unload the plane in Philadelphia. That gave us 45 minutes to get to our gate and we had to go thru customs. WE really hurried and got to the gate just as they were boarded our zone which was the last zone. We did make it just barley. When we got to SFO it took them forever to unload the plane. Jenni and Jared drove around three times before we had it. They broke the wheel on my large suitcase which makes it not usable (new luggage for Christmas). That bag was practically new, however I did get it in China and it only cost $25.00. Needless to say we will not be flying US Air again. Glad I put our frequent flyer miles with AA.

Not our flying tale has been told and next episode will be about our most fabulous trip, with pictures. I got the camera back.