Thursday, September 10, 2009

The corn is as high.......

Dad and I were out walking and I said that corn is as high as an elephant's eye and it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky (Oklahoma). It really is high as you can see. The crop is having problems this year thou because it has been so cool. We're hoping for a warmer September so the corn will be good. This is field corn and it could be bad if it doesn't ripen like it should. If you can't feed the animals we can't eat them.

We are winding down. Can you believe we'll be home in just over 7 weeks. The time is sure going fast.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nauvoo Car Show

Today was Nauvoo's annual Classic car show at the Grape Festival. The festival began Friday at 5. Since we work at the temple in the morning we went over to see what goodies they might have. We had heard about the onion haystack's so we checked them out. We debated whether to eat there or come home and have leftovers. We ran into some other missionaries and decided to stay and try out the fare. Well I had barbeque beef brisket. It was really good. Dad had a brat which wasn't so good. I bought a haystack and that was really good. It is very thinly sliced onion deep fried and stacked up and served with ketchup. But better than that we went over after to our Friday evening destination and had Annie's lemon custard. She only has lemon on Friday. The other couple we were with had never been there. Oh Annie's custard is sooo good. Two other couples joined us.

Sunday was the car show. They had over 450 classic cars. They have a lot of classic car shows in the midwest.
This was unbelievable. These cars and motorcycles are parked in back of our apartment in our parking lot. They had to drive down our drive way to get there. We were eating dinner along with 10 other missionaries. We were having our Parley Street break the fast dinner. We couldn't believe all at once a truck, 9 motorcycles and a car came down our drive was and parked. At least they parked in a neat row. Two more cars parked in our drive way.

This is in front of our house. All the streets were full of cars. They take their car shows seriously. Of course the car show was just across the street. We did drop by as we were going for our walk and took a few pictures. It was over by then but a lot of cars had not left yet.