Sunday, January 25, 2009

50th Cruise

To celebrate our 50th anniversary the kids decided we should do something extra special. We decided a cruise would be just the thing. No meals to prepare, no beds to make, no cleaning, being waited on and best of all no decisions. Everyone was looking forward to laying in the sun and having a splendid time. We did have a splendid time but the sun was being very elusive. In fact we didn't see much of it. In Key West we did have sun, but we didn't see much more of it until we were almost home. On our last day at see we finally got some sun although it was cold. In spite of the weather we had a great time. How could you not when you have the best people in the world with you. We had all nine kids and spouses and 2 year old Jane. What's not to love.  We enjoyed being together.  Now since I don't know what I'm doing I'll try to get this together.
The bottom picture is in Key West. The next three are in Belize. That's Mindy feeding Papaya to a spider monkey. Then we are climbing the Lamania Ruins. Richard is laying on the Kings bed, and that tree is full os Egrets.  We went on a boat to the ruins, that's where we were able to feed the monkeys, see the Egrets and also the Crocodile and many other birds and animals.

Then we went to Guatemala. We all loved Guatemala. What a beautiful country. So lush and green. We went on a boat, then on a hike to some beautiful waterfalls. Then we went to a tortilla making demo and we all made tortilla's. We ate them with lime juice and salt. Yum, yum.  We went to a Mayan village where they have a school to teach the Mayan children how to make it in the tourist trade. That is their biggest industry. We also had fun shopping and when we left they gave us a great send off.

Our last port was cancelled due to rough seas and wind. Of course that gave us one more day at sea and a rough day it was. A few of us felt a little wheezie and some felt a lot wheezie, but we all survived and had fun playing together. Gary did have a little mishap while playing in the pool with his daughters. Unfortunately there was a broken tile on the bottom of the pool which he managed to land on taken a large divot out of the ball of his foot. He ended up in a wheel chair the last two days. He is still recuping, but we did win a cruise ship cookbook due to his speed, accuracy and my finesse. 

Thanks to all our kids for the wonderful time. It was great being with you all. We now are back to freezing temperatures and today a beautiful winter wonderland covered in snow and no wind here in Nauvoo.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here are some awesome pictures of winter here in Nauvoo.  We went out for a walk today and by the time I got home my cheeks and nose were frozen.  It is cold here but it does make for some really great pictures.  We will thaw out in another week.