Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a big bunch of turtles ( I counted from 57 - 61)
A spring day in Nauvoo
A Great Blue Heron about to take off. He looks drunk to me

This has been a fun week. We're getting a lot of rain and it has caused some flooding here. That isn't what was fun just thought you would like to know. Cultural Hall and Brigham's home got flooded. I guess over 3 inches following 3 inches just a couple of days prior can do that. We had a lake by the side of our house but it is gone now at least for the time being.
Sunset was the BYU Ballroom dancers. They were incredible. What beauty and the costumes outstanding. What a blessing it is to live here where we can enjoy such marvelous entertainment and it doesn't cost anything. We will see them at least once more while they are here.

Saturday at the temple was a great day. Dad and I are initiatory coordinators on
Saturday afternoon. Well Saturday Gracia Jones came in. She is the first descendent of Joseph and Emma Smith to join the church. She lives in St. George. She was doing smith family names. Now is that exciting or what. I told her I was a great, great, great granddaughter of Frederick G Williams and she said oh he's one of my hero's. They named a son after him. Oh it's so fun to rub shoulders with these special people.

We 're doing well and loving it. Everyday I get to see the temple. Five days a week I get to work in the temple. Everyday I look out over the mighty Mississippi, I can even see it from my apartment. Everyday i get to walk the streets where Joseph and Emma walked and all those early saints that sacrifices so much. The spirit here is great. What a blessing this mission is in our lives. We are loving it.