Friday, March 7, 2014

Happenings at home

We are doing some new landscaping in front.  Dad is very happy with his rocks.
 Our lilacs are in bloom. I just noticed them today.

Love watching the camellias  coming out. The buds take so long to bloom but these camellias in the front are gorgeous. 

We are having some home issues.  We had the termite inspector come out last week.  The good news we don't have termites.  The bad news we have several issues to take care of so we don't get termites.  We had our front faucet repaired Monday. It had a small leak. Then today they came to take care of the fungus under the house because of a leaking toilet.  Turns out the toilet was lose but didn't leak.  The leak was coming from the tub drain. Good news is the toilet doesn't leak. The bad news we have to have the drain repaired.  Somehow we have dry rot in one board under the eves. How did we get dry rot. It's a mystery because it is on the bottom of the board. How did one board get wet. We don't know. Calif just in acted a law that is you do anything to wood that's been there since 1979 or before you have to have it inspected for lead. Now they have to have it checked out before they can repair it.  What next.

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Jespersen said...

Sorry to hear about all the unexpected home projects. Hope things get fixed quickly and that they stop finding "issues". Love you!