Friday, March 7, 2014

It seems our house is falling apart.  The termite inspector came last week.  The good news - no termites.  The bad news several items need to be done so we don't get terminates.  Had the leak at the front faucet  repaired. Today they came to fix our fungus under the house that is a result of the leak in the toilet.  However they found out the toilet wasn't leaking after all.  Seems the drain in the tub is leaking. The good news is the pipes are good. They don't leak, it is where it connects under the house. They will have to come back to fix that. He also found dry rot in one board in our eves. How do you get dry rot on the bottom of the board and it isn't even the last board. Now they have just enacted a state law that says anything you have done to anything that is painted before 1979 they have to do a lead paint test on it. You just start getting a little bit ahead and along comes trouble.

We're doing a little landscaping in front. Still have to put in the plants.  Dad is very happy with his rocks.

 Lilacs are in bloom along with the camellias.

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